Why WordPress is Perfect for Gymnastics Gym Websites

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WordPress is almost certainly the ideal choice for most gym owners when it comes to a website. WordPress is a blogging tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS). WordPress is the most popular CMS system in use on the Internet. WordPress is currently being used by almost 15% of the Internet’s top one million websites and runs as many as 22% of all new websites. The reason WordPress is so popular is that it performs so many functions so easily, often with just a few mouse clicks or even automatically.

WordPress Themes

Themes are the WordPress way of allowing web designers to almost instantly change the design, look and functions of a WordPress website without changing any of the actual information on the site. Themes can be easily changed and website owners can even just click a single button to see how a new theme would look on their own site. There are literally thousands of themes, many of which are free, that offer an unlimited range of styles, colors, designs, features and functions. There are so many themes, the most difficult part is to choose your favorite. The new “Responsive” themes automatically scale a website to fit on a huge computer screen, an iPad or tablet or a Smartphone.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins allow website owners to add an astonishing number of features to their site, often just with a few clicks. Some plugins allow website owners to easily further customize the features on a setup page. Plugins extend the capabilities of WordPress far beyond the solid list of standard features. They often do what would take an army of website programmers hours, or even weeks, to do on a regular website, with just a few clicks. WordPress currently has almost 20,000 different plugins, that can do things like automatically tweet whenever you add a new article to your website, help you perform SEO, add maps, just like Google maps, to your website and 19,998 more things.

WordPress Widgets

WordPress widgets are small website programming modules that can automatically create and add functions and content to website sidebars. WordPress widgets again allow website owners the ability to add incredible functionality to their sites by just dragging-and-dropping widgets to the sidbar in the WordPress control panel. Widgets can be used to add functions likes a slideshow, your latest Tweets from twitter, slider photos, most popular articles lists, etc.

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The Functions of a WordPress Website

Literally 70% of Americans no longer use a phone book to look up phone numbers, they use the Internet to find businesses, services and products (oh, and phone numbers, too). In the target market of gymnastics gyms, that percentage is even higher. So in one sense, a gymnastics gym website is its “Yellow Pages” ad. But a gymnastics gym website is functioning as much more than simply an ad. It is a powerful sales conversion function tool that can literally get you new customers without even talking to them. Any gym that does not have an effective gym website is almost certainly losing business to the gyms that do.

Other Functions of a WordPress Website

Another one of the primary functions of your gymnastics website is going to be to communicate with your current customers, to educate them, keep them informed and get feedback from them. The WordPress posting system is the best and most automatic way to keep your customers automatically seeing, on the front page of your website, the latest news, information and announcements.

WordPress Pages and Posts

There are two basic types of WordPress content – pages and posts. Pages are almost exactly like normal web pages and are usually included automatically in the various menus in each theme. Pages are usually what are called”evergreen” content, which is content that basically stays the same and is relevant all year, like schedules, price lists, staff photos and bios, etc. If you have a current gym website, you can exactly match up your web pages with new WordPress pages (Or improve on them). Posts are usually more time sensitive items, like announcements, meet results, special events, etc. WordPress automatically puts your latest posts at the top of the list of posts on your home page. Each time you add another post, it goes to the top and all of the others move down a space automatically.

GymnasticsZone and Websites

We have been involved in building gymnastics websites for over 12 years. Not only do we know the technical aspects of building websites, but we know what works best and what doesn’t work. To get ideas for what you want on your gymnastics gym website, you might check out some other gym’s websites. 12 years ago, we researched the top 100 gym websites on the Internet and have done so every year since. We have built gym websites, consulted on them, trained staff to keep websites updated (we do not maintain, we train) and done virtually everything else anyone might want to do with a gym website. We can offer you time and money saving advice and even host your WordPress website on our WordPress optimized web hosting company platform. While it is relatively easy to learn to edit WordPress websites, we recommend that gym owners hire us to set up WordPress, the initial website and pages and then let us teach you how to maintain it.

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