What Gymnast’s Parents Expect

Parents are affected, in their decision to stay or leave and choice of programs by a number of other factors. The primary factor is the interactions with the personnel of the gym. Parents rightfully expect professional, courteous treatment and fair and quick resolution of problems, perceived or real. Sixty-five percent of parents analyze the program in these terms.

Cleanliness is Next to Profitability

A surprisingly high percentage (36%) of parents evaluate and make decisions about participation in the gym upon its cleanliness. This is the second most important factor in their decision making process. Upon reflection, this is not altogether surprising. Parents of gymnasts tend to be middle and upper class suburbanites and expect the businesses with which they deal to reflect their personal standards, including in the area of cleanliness. They expect to walk out of their neat and clean houses into their neat and clean cars and go to a neat and clean business. For the health and safety of their children, this is also a reasonable expectation.

Positive Interaction

Professional positive interpersonal interaction with parents and gymnasts is the primary evaluative factor for employees. Contribution to cleanliness of the gym is the second most important. The third factor at only a 10% level is gymnastics and/or competitive success. These percentages derive from a survey administered and reported by USA Gymnastics staff some years ago and there is no reason to believe these percentages have significantly changed.

Clean Up Your Act

For this reason, it is a primary responsibility of all staff to clean up, straighten up and organize the gym before, during and after classes. Completing all the items on a posted jobs list for staff members is a minimum.


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