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This web site is a forum for information about coaching, participating in the sport of gymnastics, information for parents and gym management information for gym owners. We have a lot of information, research, systems, and progressions, etc. to impart to you. I have personally researched over 2500 articles, papers, books and dissertations about coaching and gymnastics, many from China, Russia, East Germany and other Eastern block countries. In addition, I have been implementing, studying and recording successful Elite and Olympic training program systems for over 25 years.

No Where to Study Gymnastics

Many of the lessons we have learned are quite clear. Some contradict methods commonly utilized throughout the United States. There is some justification for the lack of depth of knowledge in the sport in this country. There are no institutions of higher learning devoted to gymnastics, nor significant quantities of research in the area. (Apologies to Bill Sands, probably the premier gymnastics science researcher in America today.) Coaches are relegated to teaching in the same ways they were taught or have seen others teach.

The Information Here is Yours to Use or Not

We are quite certain that few have expended the effort in reading and research that we have and we are therefore confident to speak out. We are not asking anyone to accept what we say as the final word. But they are researched words, words of experience, positive words, words intended to cause you to think and re-think your current methods. We aren’t here to argue. We’re not even really interested in debating. We are putting good information out and you can choose or lose.

Contribute to the Cause and Body of Knowledge

The forum is here. Feel free to contribute. We learn more from our students and gymnasts every day than we ever learned doing gymnastics.

Come and Read and Learn

Come and visit often. There will much to read, see and think about. And you just might learn how it’s really done.


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