Wall Lists of Gymnast’s Awards

A couple of new ideas. Hopefully, you are already putting up the names and dates and events of all your gymnast’s who score nines on the wall. We call it the 9.0 Club and we record every 9.0 + that every team gymnast receives. And we also have “The Gold Team” which lists all of our gymnasts who have received gold medals in competition (We use formatted spreadsheets recording “who, where, what meet, when and for what” so we ran resort and reprint the lists if we want).

Skills You Can Still Have Named After You

This morning we were thinking and doing some positive expectation programming, and it made us think that it might be a good idea to put up a list of skills that gymnasts could still have named after them. Double tuck Tzuks and Yurchenkos, triple twisting Tzuks and Yurchenkos were what we were thinking about at the time, but the list could be expanded and researched.

Show Positive Expectation

This would give your gymnasts the feeling that you expect they could do great things, become world class gymnasts and give them specific mental goals. Then we thought why not begin it today and make a different list somewhere else and list the first person in the gym to compete other skills.

List of Completely Original Skills Within Your Own Gym

This would also be the place to list completely original skills developed in the gym. We have had a number of those – Claycomb front to front stalder between the bars, Beth’s triple skater’s turn that changes levels twice during the turn, etc.

The First in the Gym to Do a …

It’s too late for us to start with B skills(or even C, D, or E because we could never remember who did them first in our gym. Isn’t that sad?). But for newer gyms, you could start with fulls and you could put up the skills you want to target with no name or date yet, so the gymnasts have visible goals and mental targets – kind of mentally programming them where you want them to go.

Program Your Gymnasts for Future Success

You can include whatever skills you choose (or all of them), so you can program the exact kind of balance in the sport that you want. And, of course, we’ve always tracked gym records in conditioning and competition – # of chin-ups, highest compulsory beam score, etc.

Get It All on the Wall

Time to delegate some chart making, maybe. Anyway, that were some of our first original ideas of the day – unnamed skills and gym firsts up on the wall. Ever get the idea, you’ll need a big gym just to fit everything you want on the wall.

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