Virtual Gymnastics High Bar Routine

While we certainly have to hope that virtual animation never replaces real gymnasts, like robots replaced human fighters in the movie, “Real Steel” but there is much to be learned from both creating and watching gymnastics animations.

Here is a tremendous virtual 3D video of a high bar routine with an estimated difficulty value of about 7.2. There is one 1&1/2 twisting release move skill that is not in the Code of Points, so can’t get an exact difficulty rating, but the video is definitely entertaining.

In particular, this video allows a better than real video ability to see exactly what is being done in release moves, by putting in more than average amplitude and with barely perceptible pauses.

Gymnastics animation is rapidly progressing, but the best tools are still expensive. The current top of the line program has to be Autodesk Maya 3D animation software, but its current price is $3495, which is likely out of reach for most gymnastics video hobbyists.

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