Vault Equipment Safety Training Progressions

Vaulting progressions can use a variety of different types of gymnastics safety pits and matting. Not all gyms can have more than one type of gymnastic safety pit, but all of the gyms can utilize a variety of matting techniques. Other vault equipment progressions can include tramp vaulting on and off, mini-tramp vaulting, extra padding on the vault runways and using foam vaulting tables.

Vault Difficulty Requires Hard Work to Build

Most gyms do not have anywhere near this number of vault stations, either set-up or even available to them. Remember that vault is now the most difficult event on which to achieve a 10.0 Start Value.

Vault Equipment Progression Stations:

  1. Vault Sprint Station
  2. Vault Board Take-off Station with above-ground Resi-Pit (Level 4 Vault Station)
  3. Declined Tramp Vault Off into Bungee Loose Foam Pit
  4. Tramp Vault Off into Bungee Loose Foam Pit
  5. Tumble Tramp Vault Off into Loose Foam Pit
  6. Tumble Tramp Vault Off onto Bungee Resi-Pit
  7. Declined Tramp Vault Off onto Bungee Resi-Pit
  8. Tramp Vault Off onto Bungee Resi-Pit
  9. Mini-Tramp Vault into Bungee Loose Foam Pit
  10. Vault onto Resi-Pit and Stacked Mats
  11. Vault onto Resi-Pit and Inclined Mats
  12. Foam Vaulting Table into Loose Foam Pit
  13. Vault Table into Bungee Loose Foam Pit
  14. Vault Table into Loose Foam Pit
  15. Vault Table onto Bungee Resi-Pit
  16. Vault Table onto Resi-Pit
  17. Vault Table onto Resi-Pit covered with Regulation Landing Mat
  18. Vault Table onto Regulation Mat covered with 8″ – 12″ Crash Pad
  19. Regulation Vault Runway to Vault Table onto Regulation Mat covered with 8″ – 12″ Crash Pad
  20. Regulation vault runway to Vault Table onto Regulation Mat

Extra Padding

Extra padding up to two inches could and should be used on all of the runways for vault training stations up to at least the regulation vaulting stations (the last two stations). This helps protect the gymnasts from too much pounding on their body or repetitive stress injuries from hard vault runways.

Tramp Vaulting

Trampoline assisted vaulting stations speed the learning process of new vaults by eliminating the need to run 78 feet (which saves time, energy and wear-and-tear on the body) and by providing more take-off power to use in the vault.

Safer and Faster Vault Learning

In general, it is logical that the more vault equipment set-ups and progressions that are available for coaches and gymnasts to use, the safer and faster gymnasts can learn new and difficult vaults.

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