USA Gymnastics Level 3 Gymnastics

The New Level 3 Gymnastics Program for 2013 – 2021

Basically, what used to be Level 5 from 2001-2013 is now Level 4 from 2013 – 2021. The major skills from the previous Level 5 were used to create new routines for the new Level 4.

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Welcome to Level 3

Welcome to USA Gymnastics competition Level 3 which is the first official compulsory competition level with a State competition (unless your individual state votes to compete Level 2 or 1).

Level 3 Gymnasts May Compete Starting at Age 6

Age 6 is the  minimum age requirement to compete in USA Gymnastics Level 3.

Gymnasts May Start Competing at Level 4 and Skip Competing Level 3

Gymnasts may start at Level 4 and completely skip Level 3, if they can pass the skill and safety testing. USA Gymnastics does not require gymnasts to compete in Level 3. Individual gyms or team coaches may require their team members to start competition at Level 3, however, depending on their specific competition team and training program and strategies.

3 Ways to Compete at Level 3

Gymnasts have three possibilities for competing in Level 3. If a gymnast was a Level 4 last year in the old USA Gymnastics Compulsory Level system, they must now compete at the “commensurate level” Level 3 for the 2013-2014 competition season (unless they scored a 31.00 All-Around in Level 4). So what that means if a gymnast scored a 31.00 or above All-Around qualifying score in Level 4 in the old pre-2013 USAG Compulsory Level system, they may “move up” to Level 4 (or in other words, “stay” at Level 4) for the 2013-2014 system instead of having to compete in Level 3. A brand new Level 3 can just start at the Level 3. So basically if a gymnast scored a 31.00 All-Around last year (the 2012-2013 season) in Level 4, they can either “move up” to Level 4 or compete at Level 3.

Confusing Changes for Level 3 and 4

The changes to the USA Gymnastics (USAG) Women’s Compulsory Program changed on August 1, 2013. Many parents, whose gymnasts competed Level 4 last year, had and are having a difficult time figuring out why their gymnasts either “had to move down a level or “stay at the same level for another year.”

Summary of All the Compulsory Levels and Skills

A list of all of the compulsory elements for Levels 1 – 5 in the 2013–2021 compulsory routines can be found on the USA Gymnastics website or you can download here.

Level 3 Vault for 2013-2021

The vault for Level 3 is a handspring vault onto stacked mats.

Level 3 Uneven Bar Skills for 2013-2021

  • Pike or Straddle Glide OR
  • Pike or Straddle Glide, Return to Stand
  • Hip Pullover
  • Front Hip Circle, Cast
  • Cast, Single Leg Shoot-Through
  • Front Stride Circle OR
  • Single Leg Basket Swing
  • Single Leg Cut Backward
  • Cast, Back Hip Circle
  • Underswing Dismount

Level 3 Balance Beam Skills for 2013-2021

  • Leg Swing Mount with ½ Turn
  • Whip to Kneel
  • Cross Handstand
  • Lunge, Turns, Backward Steps
  • Rond de Jambé
  • Arabesque
  • Split Leap
  • Straight Jump, Straight Jump
  • Pivot ½ Turn, Pivot ½ Turn
  • Passé, Pose
  • ½ Turn Forward in Passé
  • Backward Step, Fish Pose
  • Cartwheel to Side Handstand, ¼ Turn Dismount

Level 3 Floor Exercise Skills for 2013-2021

  • Arm Poses
  • Leg Swings to Side
  • Split Jump, Straight Jump
  • Handstand to Backbend Bridge
  • Back Kickover
  • Arch Poses
  • Handstand Straight Arm Forward Roll
  • Front Chassé
  • Split Leap
  • Leg Swing in Relevé
  • Back Roll to Push-Up Position
  • Front Split
  • Front Straddle Prone to Stag Sit
  • Step ½ Turn in Front Passé
  • Round-Off, Back Handspring, Bound-Up
  • Sequential Fall
  • Final Pose

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Level 3 Gymnastics

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