US National Team Elite Gym Stats

Below is a combined current list of both the Junior and Senior National Team members, what gyms they are from, where those gyms are located and the size of area.

All 32 National Team Members Come from Only 19 Gyms

Nineteen gyms out of the estimated 3800 gymnastics facilities in the US produced all of the women’s National Team members.

NOTE: These Numbers Change But the Implications are the Same

These statistics vary from year to year (with peaks usually before the Olympics) and even during a single year depending on the time of the season. This article was originally published in November 2011. Right now (December 2013), there are only 21 Elite National Team Members coming from just 10 gyms.

in 2011, Half (50%) of the National Team Members Come from Only 5 Gyms

Half of the National Team Members come from WOGA Gymnastics, Cincinnati, Gymnastics Great American Gymnastics Express (GAGE), Legacy Elite Gymnastics and Texas Dreams Gymnastics.

62.5% of the National Team Members Come from Only 7 Gyms

The majority of the National Team members are being produced by only 7 out of the approximately 3800 gyms in the US – the above gyms, plus Brestyan’s American Gymnastics and Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute.

Eight of the National Team Members Come from Dallas/Ft.Worth

That means 25% of the US National team members come from just the Dallas/Ft.Worth area – the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area).

Over 90% of the National Team Members Come from Big Cities

90% of the National Team Members come from major metropolitan areas, statistically designated MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Areas), like Dallas/Ft. Worth, Kansas City, Chicago and Boston.

Coaching Matters

It is no surprise that coaching is a huge factor in producing Elite National Team members. Certain coaches and programs are capable of producing Elite gymnasts and National Team members, and other coaches are apparently not. There are only a very few coaches in the US who are actually producing all of the Elite gymnasts and National Team members.

Size Matters

Again – no surprise, but it seems that the larger populated areas are more likely to produce Elite gymnasts and National Team members. Talented coaches, that also have a large talent pool to work with, are more likely and more able to produce more Elites and National Team members.

* Gymnast ******* Gym **************** Gym City ********* Gym Info *

Rebecca Bross WOGA Gymnastics Plano, TX
Grace McLaughlin WOGA Gymnastics Dallas/Ft. Worth area
Katelyn Ohashi WOGA Gymnastics
Nastia Liukin WOGA Gymnastics
Brianna Brown Cincinnati Gymnastics Cincinnati, OH
Amelia Hundley Cincinnati Gymnastics
Lexie Priessman Cincinnati Gymnastics
Madison Desch Great American Gymn. Express Blue Springs, MO
Brenna Dowell Great American Gymn. Express Kansas City area
Sarah Finnegan Great American Gymn. Express
Bridgette Caquatto Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC Naperville, IL
Mackenzie Caquatto Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC Chicago area
Anna Li Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC
Kennedy Baker Texas Dreams Gymnastics Coppell, TX
Bailie Key Texas Dreams Gymnastics Dallas/Ft. Worth area
Kiana Winston Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Alexandra Raisman Brestyan’s American Gymnastics Needham, MA
Alicia Sacramone Brestyan’s American Gymnastics Boston area
Gabrielle Douglas Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute West Des Moines, IA
Shawn Johnson Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute Des Moines area
McKayla Maroney All Olympia AOGC Laguna Niguel, CA LA area
Mykayla Skinner Desert Lights Gymnastics Gilbert, AZ Phoenix area
Sabrina Vega Dynamic Gymnastics Carmel, NY NYC area
Jordyn Wieber Gedderts Twistars USA DeWitt, MI Lansing area (Pop. 464,000)
Brandie Jay GK Gymnastics Ft Collins, CO Pop. 143,000
Kyla Ross Gym-Max Gymnastics Aliso Viejo, CA LA area
Chellsie Memmel M and M Gymnastics West Allis, WI Milwaukee area
Elizabeth Price Parkettes National Gymnastics Center Allentown, PA Pop. 349,000
Bridget Sloan Sharp’s Gymnastics Academy Pittsboro, IN Indianapolis area
Jessie DeZiel Twin City Twisters Rogers, MN Minneapolis area
Hallie Mossett West Coast Elite Gymnastics Los Angeles, CA
McKenzie Wofford Zenith Elite Gymnastics Academy McKinney, TX Dallas/Ft. Worth area

Note: This 2011 US National team list is from this particular point in time and changes regularly. It does not include every National Team level gymnast, like Bridget Sloan, who was injured and would normally be on this list. She is from Sharps Gymnastics, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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