Tumbling Training

There are relatively few gymnastics programs in the United States that compete in tumbling competitions also.

Only Three Passes

Tumbling competitions consist of just three tumbling passes on a long expanse of a power rod tumbling floor which allows a full speed running sprint before entering the tumbling pass.

A Spectacular Sport

The combination of a full speed run entry and the power rod floor allow the performance of impressively difficult and spectacular tumbling passes. Where else can you see a girl doing double twisting double layouts or double layout punch double tuck.

We Recommend Tumbling Competition

We highly recommend artistic gymnasts, coaches and programs consider also competing in tumbling competitions. Our reasoning and experience suggests that gymnasts benefit from increased competition opportunities. Since gymnasts are already training tumbling anyway, tumbling competitions require little additional preparation.

Tumbling is Essential to the Sport of Gymnastics

Tumbling is basic to artistic gymnastics competition. It is an essential and required part of floor exercise. Beam and other apparatus dismounts are basically tumbling skills adapted to the equipment. Beam tumbling passes are a requirement and vaulting is essentially a tumbling pass over a vault table from a full speed run.

Expand Your Tumbling Horizons

An introduction to the sport of tumbling often opens up the eyes of gymnasts and gymnastics coaches as to the level of tumbling difficulty that is possible. Many gymnastics coaches never even contemplate teaching full-in, full outs to their gymnasts. Many gymnasts don’t know the level of tumbling being performed by others at their age.

Learn to Tumble Full Speed

Because of the limited length of the tumbling diagonal on a floor exercise mat, many gymnasts never train or learn to tumble at full speed. Gymnasts who tumble full speed on a long power tumbling floor can often translate at least some of that extra speed, power and difficulty to the regular floor.

Equipment Can Be A Problem

We understand that many gymnastics facilities are not currently equipped with full-length rod tumbling floors. Indeed, many gyms are not even long enough to put in a regulation tumbling floor. Still if you have a power tumbling floor of any length you can rain and compete in tumbling.

Consider the Sport of Tumbling

Tumbling also happens to be an excellent sport for cheerleaders, ex-gymnasts and interested athletes who are unable to train every day. Gymnasts and coaches should at least seriously consider participation in tumbling competitions and training. as it can have both tumbling difficulty and competition experience benefits.

Tumbling A to Z

For those who might be interested we have put together a Secrets to 10.0 World Class Tumbling e-Book. It covers beginning through advanced tumbling and reflects our experience and success in gymnastics and competitive tumbling.

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