Trying to Qualify for Gymnastics College Scholarship

Subject: Qualifying for a college scholarship

Sex: female
Age: 16
Gymnastics Level: 7

I am sixteen, almost seventeen, years old and currently training level seven/ eight. Due to injuries I have taken about four years off. I am now ready for both my level seven and eight season. I did not previously compete level seven, but I am wondering if I would be able to compete both levels in the upcoming spring season? I am trying to qualify for college gymnastics for my freshman year, and I am out of ideas other than being allowed to compete two levels in one season.

Thank you in advance!

You may certainly compete in two levels in one season. With the cooperation of a meet director and the State Director, I once had a gymnast compete in three levels at one meet, so two levels in one year is no problem.

Colleges Most Likely to Look First at Elite, Level 10 and Then Level 9 Gymnasts

At a minimum, you will need to score a 31.00 All-Around score at one USAG sanctioned Level 7 meet, in order to be eligible to move up to Level 8. To move up to Level 9, you would need to score a 34.00 All-Around score at a USAG sanctioned Level 8 meet. Many colleges tend to look at Level 9 and above gymnasts for consideration of scholarships.

Attend College Summer Camps and Clinics

Since you are somewhat behind in what would be the normal process for trying to get a college scholarship, you will want to be very proactive in making yourself visible to the gymnastics coaches at any schools you want to attend and compete for. One good method of doing that is to attend any summer gymnastics camps and clinics that the colleges you are interested in are hosting and having a talk with the coaches.

Pick a School(s) and Market Yourself

For you to simply sit back and wait for a college to find you will not probably give you much of a chance for the result you want. So you will need to figure out what schools you want to go to, go to any camps and clinics they have and make your interest in competing for them known.

Start Early

The college scholarship process is not an instant process. You must be signed to a scholarship significantly before you compete for them, usually around a year before. So you only have a little more than a year to accomplish your goal.

Consider Being a Specialist

You may want to consider training to be a specialist on only one or two events, instead of trying to get your level up on all four events in such a short time. The standard demanded for gymnasts receiving college scholarships is high and getting higher, now that many colleges are also recruiting foreign gymnasts.

Walk On and Qualify for Scholarship Later

Some colleges accept walk-on gymnasts, who do not initially receive scholarships, but are eligible to compete and qualify for scholarships in subsequent years.

You Should Produce a Great Video

There is a lot more information about this topic to know and understand. For example, you should be collecting digital video of your best gymnastics skills from both practices and competitions to submit to colleges to see what your level of skill difficulty and ability is.

Get Moving Now

For now, you will want to concentrate on getting ready to move up through the optional levels. Good luck and feel free to ask more questions as you move through the process.

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