Training and Competing Up

World Record for T&T Men’s Tumbling Difficulty

Full-In Full-Out to Triple Back

In other sports, it is a well-known, well-accepted training technique for female athletes to compete and train with male athletes. For example, in tennis, most international female tennis stars have a male training partner they train and compete against regularly in practice.

Athletes Train Up to their Competition

Because men tend to be physically bigger, faster and stronger than female athletes, they tend to win in one-on-one competitions. However, female athletes who compete against male athletes also tend to rise to the level of competition they face, providing them with another level of performance they may not experience training and competing only with other females.

Visual Role Models

In addition to competing with male gymnasts, it is a distinct advantage for your gymnasts to have visual role models in the gym, performing high-level difficulty gymnastics skills with powerful and spectacular amplitude. So, having men in the gym training with young female gymnasts, gives them visual role models to emulate.

Girls Training with the Men

It is often just the normal business model in gymnastics gyms for there to be a men’s team in the gym as well. Opening your gym to workouts for collegiate male (and female) gymnasts, either from a local collegiate program, or during the summer for collegiate gymnasts home for the summer, gives your gymnasts a chance to see the sport at a different level.

Tumbling and Trampoline (T&T)

The skill difficulty level of the best T&T tumblers and trampolinists is significantly higher that gymnasts in artistic gymnastics. National level tumblers routinely tumble out of double layouts and twisting doubles and tumble into triple backs. For artistic gymnasts to watch this higher level of tumbling on a daily basis provides a higher level of personal tumbling expectation for them.


Even for coaches who are fairly knowledgeable, the level of trampoline skill difficulty can be eye-opening. The first time I saw a girl doing front full, rudi out double fronts in layout, I realized there was a whole other level of front tumbling, I had not considered. Watching Canadian trampoline competitor, Samantha Sendel do 40 different triple somersaults & a twisting quad somersault should make anyone in artistic gymnastics re-evaluate the level of skills they expect and are training.

Everyday Would be Ideal, But…

Coaches and gym owners should seriously consider anything they can do to get and keep male gymnasts and T&T athletes in their gym for their girl’s team to watch and train with. If it is not possible to get any one of those groups in the gym everday, coaches and gym owners should make special arrangements for male gymnasts and T&T athletes whenever possible.

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