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Super Beam Elements

Now, these girls are serious about beam. This is what beam is really about!

Beam Mounts

Interesting and unique beam mounts.

5 Craziest Skills in Gymnastics on Bars and Parallel Bars

The five most difficult skills on bars. You don’t want to miss these. Great for showing what the highest level of the sport is doing right now.

Women’s Floor and Vault Difficulty Gymnastics Montage

High level difficulty tumbling and vaults.

Dance ROV on Floor and Beam

Unique, unusual and original skills, moves and combinations (primarily dance) on beam and floor. Also includes some less common bar skills. Great for pumping up the creative juices for choreographing routines and to try fun new skills.

Aggressive Tumbling/Dynamic Dance

Floor Exercise segments with aggressive tumbling and dynamic dance including whip triple full, full-ins, double fronts, double layouts and full-in full-out.

The Best of Beam

Old School Extreme Difficulty Women’s Uneven Bars

A historical (and some current) video montage of extremely difficult women’s uneven bar skills. This video shows that gymnasts in the past were doing as much or more difficulty as the current crop of gymnasts. Everything from hecht back fulls to triple back dismounts.

Old School Extreme Beam Difficulty

Another historical video montage of extremely difficult women’s beam skills. Extreme beam mounts, tumbling and dismounts.

Extreme Difficulty Gymnastics Montage

A historical video montage of extremely difficult women’s gymnastics skills on every women’s event. This video has almost every one of the most difficult skills ever done by women on every event.

4:26 of women doing extremely difficult gymnastics skills. A really good overview of ultimate difficulty in women’s gymnastics.

Skills include:

  • Vault: 2 & 1/2 twisting Yurchenko
  • Bars: Inverts to double front dismount, double front with 1/2 dismount, a number of two release move combinations, gialnt 1 & 1/2 pirouette, reverse hecht, full twisting Gienger, Gwan Suk Kim release moves, double twisting double back dismounts.
  • Beam: one arm handstand straddle down, triple turn, barani, full twisting flip flop, standing Arabians, Arabian double front dismount, full-in dismount.
  • Floor Exercise: Double pike Arabian, double tuck Arabian punch front, double fronts, barani out double fronts, double layout punch front, double twisting double back.

What’s Up in the Gym

Really big gymnastics skills by Charlie Tamayo and others on every men’s event plus tumble trak and trampoline into the pit.


  • Inground Trampoline into the Pit
  • Skills include:
  • Triple gainer tuck
  • Triple front layout
  • 4 – 5 front tuck saltos
  • Tumble Trac into Pit
  • Triple front
  • Triple backs
  • Miller (triple twisting double layout)
  • Standing Tumbling Skills
  • Standing double full
  • Standing double back
  • Standing full twisting double back
  • Tumbling Skills
  • Barani out, front double front
  • Full in double front
  • Double Arabian layout
  • Full, full out layout
  • Triple Arabian
  • Triple tuck/pike back
  • Pommel, Rings Workout/Practice
  • Full in, full out ring dismount
  • Triple back ring dismount
  • Vault
  • Double twisting front, front layout
  • Double twisting Tzukahara
  • Double tuck back Tzukahara
  • Parallel Bars
  • Doubles between bars
  • Double pike front dismount
  • Triple tuck front dismount
  • High Bar
  • Release moves including full twisting gienger.
  • Triple tuck/pike dismount
  • Just Some Fun Messing Around in the Gym

History of Gymnastics Video

A short view montage of gymnastics in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s and 2000.

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