Top Level 5 Gymnastics Compulsory Routine Videos

While it is obvious that Level 5 gymnasts are still relatively new competitive gymnasts and often young, we have chosen some routines that while not perfect, display certain points of execution, aptitude and attitudes that other level 5 gymnasts should observe and emulate if they want to be successful and win.

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2010 Level 5 Texas State Gymnastics Champions

9.55 Level 5 Floor Exercise

This routine shows minimal deduction major elements and demonstrates some style in their execution.

Level 5 Floor Routine with Good Body Shaping

This routine shows how to perform a routine where the judges are given few chances to deduct. There are some high performance points in the routine. My favorite – watch the height of the leg in the turn coming out of the split – exceptional execution of a minor skill.

Level 5 Floor Routine

This routine shows some decent major element work.

Level 5 Bar Routine

This is a example of what a Level 5 bar routine with minimal cast but reasonably good form and body shaping.

A Fairly Good Example of Level 5 Bars

Decent routine but minimal casts.

Best Level 5 Beam (so far)

Excellent Level 5 beam routine with aggressive skills and showing good flexibility.

Another Decent Level 5 Beam

From this perspective you can see the effects that good arm symmetry (evenness) has on maintaing good balance (except on cartwheel).

Level 5 Vault Example

Had to have at least one example of a Level 5 vault. This style of vault demonstrates a very light, almost fingertip, touch on the vault table rather than a powerful block.

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