Top Level 4 Gymnastics Compulsory Routine Videos

While it is obvious that Level 4 gymnasts are beginner competitive gymnasts and often young, we have chosen some routines that while not perfect, display certain points of execution, aptitude and attitudes that other level 4 gymnasts should observe and emulate if they want to be successful and win.

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9.575 Level 4 Floor Routine

This routine shows some better major element work (e.g., Straight Arm Tuck Backward Roll), but lacks the polished dance of other routines.

9.825 Level 4 Floor Routine

This routine shows how to minimize deductions by eliminating the obvious deductions. It may not be a supremely stylish routine, but it leaves little for the judges to take off for.

Level 4 Beam and Floor Routines

This is two Level 4 routines. I particularly like the beam mount which demonstrates the flexibility, rhythm and most of all swing that should be displayed during the whip up. Ignore the leap on beam, which is uncharacteristically weak, in terms of the rest of the routine. An excellent and very clean floor routine with few deductions.

9.25 Level 4 Floor Routine

This routine shows flashes of style and excellence. One must remember that these are Level 4 routines and gymnasts and look for the good things in the routine and ignore less than perfect areas of execution.

A Level 4 Floor Routine Showing Potential

This routine is an excellent example of the advantages of training and/or possessing above average strength and flexibility at the very start of your gymnastics career. While this is obviously an unpolished routine, it is also an example of a gymnast with great upside potential due to her flexibility and strength.

Level 4 Bar Routine has Rhythm

This is a great example of what a winning Level 4 bar routine should look like. Demonstrates excellent leg form and toe point and very good continuous routine rhythm.

Level 4 Bar Routine

This is a good example of what a Level 4 bar routine should look like. Errs on the side of aggressiveness.

Winning States on Level 4 Beam

This is a State Championship winning routine and deservedly so. While you can see that the gymnast is really holding back in order not to fall, you are still seeing an excellent routine. Don’t bother wasting your time watching to see the score after the routine is over. It is 9.675.

A Fairly Good Example of Level 4 Beam

Another State Championship Level 4 Beam

I like this more because of the perspective it is shot from than as the absolute best example of Level 4 beam. Excellent handstand! This routine was good enough to win the 1st Place at the California State Championships.

Same Gymnast as Above at a Different Meet doing Level 4 Beam

This gymnast has definite style and while the routine is perhaps not as good as above, it is still worth watching. Shows good examples of some stylish cover-ups of slight balance problems.

Another Decent Level 4 Beam

Good enough for 1st Place in Puerto Rico Nationals.

Level 4 Vault Example

The viewing angle is not great for seeing the perfectly
straight body line in the vault. Don’t particularly recommend running back like this to do the second vault.

Level 4 Vault Example

Great Level 4 vault examples are difficult to come by. Here the second vault is best.

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