Top Gymnastics Insurers

There are several insurance companies which specialize in gymnastics insurance. Here are the top gymnastics insurers and why you should consider each one for your gymnastics liabiltity and gymnast accident insurance

Sadler Sports

Sadler Sports – Start your search for gymnastics insurance with Sadler Sports since they actually list insurance prices online. This will give you an idea of the costs and something to compare other quotes to.

Snyder Insurance Services

Snyder Insurance Services – Snyder Insurance handles the USAIGC insurance, a historical gymnastics insurance carrier for the industry.

Markel Gymnastics

Markel Gymnastics – Markel merged with the Rhulen agency, both historical gymnastics insurance carriers with long histories in the sport.

eSports Insurance

eSports Insurance – New online company. May only be a├é┬ádistributor.

Gymnastics Consulting

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