Top 12 Ways to Become a Better Coach

That means that for coaches to get success like they have never had before, coaches are required to do things they have never done before. Here’s a few hints on how to get started on a new path to increased success:

1. Get out of your own head and get out of your own way. Too many coaches are locked into doing everything the way they have always done it. Coaches really need to get out of their own heads and into the heads of their gymnasts and their gymnasts’ parents. See what you are doing from their perspective, and see if it is working for them, or is really what you want to be doing. As long as you only look at gymnastics from your own perspective, you are limited in the positive effects you can have on gymnasts.

2. Challenge your beliefs, ideas, methods and strategies about how coaching should work. Sometimes when you have prejudged how things should be, you have limited your capability to be highly effective in the gym and the world as it actually is.

3. Look for the opportunities in every problem situation. Everything, that might normally be construed as a negative situation, is an opportunity to display outstanding customer service or improve your gym business. Reframe negatives into positives and make positive changes in your organization every time something potentially negative happens. In my gym, we never had a serious or career-ending injury, primarily because any safety situation that came up, was cause for us to review and revise our safety guidelines and practices, to make sure that nothing like that scenario ever happened again.

4. Identify the blocks that keep you from breaking a bad habit that affects your coaching, whether it be lack of planning, procrastination or whatever. Anytime you improve your habits, you improve your level of coaching excellence.

5. Make a stronger effort to connect with your gymnasts and their parents. The more you know about them, the more you will appreciate them, and can provide excellent service.

6. Take up a competitive activity, on your own separate from gymnastics, so your personal identity is not completely reliant on your success in gymnastics. I know coaches who have taken up triathlons, marathons, soccer, ice hockey, etc. to give them an outlet personally and psychologically.

7. Read and study information about coaching other sports, thinking all the while what lessons you can learn and new techniques you can apply to your own coaching in gymnastics.

8. Many people have said, “Gymnastics is 90% mental and 10% physical.” Add something to your training that is in the mental training arena.

9. Show up an hour early or stay an hour late. You will get more planning and work done. You can impress your boss and if done daily, you can add a significant percentage to your gymnastics work output over a period of a month or year.

10. Spend time every day watching gymnastics videos. The Internet has made this remarkably easy and virtually free. You will gain much insight into your coaching and sport by watching the latest and greatest being done around the world.

11. Read our web site and other gymnastics related web sites to gain knowledge, insight and perspective on coaching and gymnastics. Attend every gymnastics convention and conference available to you.

12. Find a gymnastics and/or life coaching mentor. Ask someone who has been there, done all that to share their insights with you. All of the best will do that.

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