Team Fundraisers

Every non-profit organization is looking for the ideal fundraiser or more likely a series of ideal fundraisers. What are the characteristics of an ideal fundraising event or program?

Small Fundraisers Take as Much Time As Large Ones
First, obviously that it is capable of being able to raise a considerable amount of money.

Repeat Successful Fundraisers Every Year
Second, that it is reproducible year after year – that it can be a template fundraising event that can almost be done on automatic pilot.

Make Fundraiser More Successful Every Year
Third, if possible, it is a fundraiser capable of raising more and more money each time it is used – the kind of event that almost automatically earns the same amount of money as the previous year and then newly generated income from this year’s efforts.

Spread Fundraising Over A Large Group of Contacts
Next, a good fundraising program solicits money from a variety of people instead of hitting up the same people over and over. Multiple sources of fundraising income allow more frequent fundraisers and the possibility of ever increasing fundraising “profits.”

Don’t “Invest” in Fundraising
Good fundraising programs do not require a huge outlay of of money or a potentially expensive financial commitment up front.

A Great Fundraising Solution
One program we are very pleased with and have had considerable success with is a unique direct marketing system that allows a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to participate in the profits of the marketing process, build a customer base inside and outside the gym and receive monthly commission and bonus checks based on the monthly purchases of its customer base and residual income for as long as its customers continue to purchase products.

Gymnast and Family Products
There are a number of products that are beneficial for gymnasts to use and numerous products available that families use every month. We use their products everyday and have for five years. They have exceptional quality, environmentally sensitive and money saving products.

The Products are the Best
From our own personal experience we can attest to the fact that the products are of the highest quality, the products work as or better than advertised and they are better than any competitors’ products.

Heal Rips
Among their other many products are a set of products that are very useful for gymnasts training seriously in the sport as well as for the general population. They have a product that heals rips better than anything else we have ever tried, often in as little as two or three days.

Improve Workouts
They produce a performance product in different flavors which, when taken a few minutes before practice, boosts energy levels, helps the body burn fat, minimizes fatigue, reduces lactic acid buildup, and increases muscle recruitment. It is a great after school, before practice snack.

There Are Benefits from Vitamins
For years the research we read stated that proper nutrition could be obtained without the use of vitamins. After using their high potency multivitamin and multimineral products, we found that these carefully designed supplements noticeably increased our personal energy levels, mental acuity and athletic performance. There was no doubt that they worked because you could feel the difference and they make the products for both younger gymnasts and teenagers and adults.

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