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Definition: Back Handspring

Back Handspring: A tumbling move where a gymnast takes off from one or two feet, jumps backward onto the hands and lands on the feet.  This skill can be done as a step-out skill (the most common method on beam) or landed on two feet.  Round-off back handsprings are the basis for almost all back […]

Definition: Arabian Double Front

Arabian Double Front: An Arabian double front is an Arabian front (a 1/2 twist into front somersault) done with two front somersaults, instead of just one. It can be done in any of the tumbling positions, either tuck, pike, open or, even, in layout. It is currently a popular pass in international Elite artistic gymnastics, for both men and women.  It […]

Definition: Arabian Front

Arabian Front: A tumbling somersaulting skill, which usually begins from a back tumbling skill like a round-off or back handspring, and consists of a ½ turn into front salto.  Can be done in tuck, pike or layout and can also be stepped-out.  Also now done from a stand on beam. Round-off flip-flop Tuck Arabian Front […]

Definition: Aerial

Aerial: A gymnastics tumbling skill performed without the hands touching the floor or the apparatus. In other words the skill takes off from one or both feet and lands on the other foot or both feet. Most commonly used to refer to an aerial cartwheel or aerial (front) walkover which can be done on both balance […]

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