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Vestibular Development for Preschool and Older Gymnasts

Vestibular Development is a physical activity program that increasingly acclimates a child through and to a series of dizzying activities, which stress the brain. The goal and purpose of these exercises is to adapt to salto and twisting skills and cause the brain to grow (and possibly increase in capacity). Potential Brain Growth Preschool programs […]


Preschool Gymnastics Philosophy and Program Goals

“Every Child is a Star.” Have Fun! Co-ordination. Self-confidence. Develop and improve Self Image. Self-esteem (thinking “I’m great” after learning each new skill). Socialization and Social Development of social skills (sharing, caring, helping). Development of learning skills – Increase Cognitive Skills and abilities (listening skills, verbalizing, memory, concentration). Movement Education and Movement Exploration. Vestibular Development […]