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Definition: Pommel Horse

Pommel Horse: A men’s gymnastics event performed on an apparatus 115 centimeters high, 35 centimeters wide, and 160 centimeters long, with two pommels on the top, adjusted between 40 and 45 centimeters apart. A pommel horse routine consists of a series of circular movements and required scissors elements performed with one or both hands on […]

Definition: Parallel Bars

Parallel Bars: A men’s event performed on a gymnastics apparatus consisting of two bars, each 195 centimeters high and 350 centimeters long, and positioned 42 to 52 centimeters apart. A parallel bar routine is made up mostly of swing and flight elements and should include at least one release move. Also commonly called p-bars.

Definition: Horizontal Bar

Horizontal Bar: A men’s gymnastics competitive apparatus consisting of uprights holding a metal bar 240 centimeters (8 & ½ feet) long and 2.8 centimeters (1.1 inches) in diameters, and set at a height of 275 centimeters (9 feet off the floor. The bar is designed to deal with a force of around 200,000 pounds per […]

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