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Zero on Scoreboard

Definition: Zero

Zero: which is the score you get if you do not compete in a gymnastics event or do something which voids your score, like not touching the vault table with your hands when you vault, being significantly spotted (not just accidentally touched) on a vault or, for women, touching the board or vault table during […]

Definition: Deduction

Deduction: Points that each judge deducts for each incorrect execution and/or composition. Points are taken off a gymnast’s score for any errors. Most deductions are pre-determined, such as a 0.5 deduction for a fall from an apparatus or a 0.1 deduction for stepping out of bounds on the floor exercise. Small deductions are .1 and […]

Definition: Code of Points

Code of Points: The official FIG rulebook for judging gymnastics skills from the International Gymnastics Federation and/or other national federations with the rules in which the scoring system and the composition of a program are based. The code of points specifies the difficulty value of all skills, as well as outlines requirements that must be […]

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