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As strange as it may seem, free runners have discovered a new vault for gymnastics, that is not currently being done by any gymnast, but is in this video. Continue reading

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With the upcoming review of gymnastics scoring there is a chance to return to the perfect 10.0 scoring system that fans and gymnasts understood and liked so well. Continue reading

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Now that we have pointed out many of the problems with the current international gymnastics scoring system we present solutions from ourselves and others around the web who’s opinion we have solicited. Continue reading


This long and detailed list is the beginning of what we hope will become a comprehensive list of issues to address with any change in gymnastics scoring. Continue reading


Start Value: This is a term that refers to gymnastics scoring. The start value of a routine indicates the relative difficulty of the routine. Compulsory routines all start from a 10.0 start value and deductions are made from 10.0. Currently, … Continue reading

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Virtuosity: A term that in relation to gymnastics refers to the artistry, or the degree of rhythm and harmony, displayed when a movement is executed to its maximum in terms of style and elegance. In general, the more gracefully flowing … Continue reading

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