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When a gymnast initially either starts their gymnastics career or starts a new period of serious gymnastics training, the first thing they need to do is optimize their strength-to-weight ratio. Essentially we are talking about developing the amount of strength … Continue reading

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There are definite safety considerations gymnasts should take when and if they tumble outside. Continue reading

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You Know You’re a Gymnast When… Video You have bigger muscles than your boyfriend. You are on your hands as much as your feet. You use more chalk than soap. You do handstands everywhere. Leotards and biker shorts become more … Continue reading


Subject: Too Old? Dear Coach, I have just turned 20 years old and have started gymnastics in the last few months. I practice stretches by walking backwards down walls and handstands, and stretch into the splits every morning. I was … Continue reading


While it has always been widely known that gymnasts often develop close friendships, especially when they have reached the team level, a 1996 scientific study by Wiess, Smith and Theeboom investigate the topic in depth. How To Win Friends One … Continue reading

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