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Gymnastic Warmups for Gymnasts

There are a number of reasons to warm-up before workouts. The primary reason to warm-up that everyone agrees upon is to warm-up your body and muscles, i.e. to raise your body temperature. Pre-Stretch Your Body and Muscles Gymnastic warm-ups can pre-stretch the muscles to prepare them for any potential purposeful or accidental stretching of the […]

Definition: Heel Drive

Heel Drive: Coaches use this term or correction to inform their gymnasts that they want them to drive their heels harder up and over on the front side of a handspring vault or front handspring on floor. Increasing heel drive creates more rotation and potential for block and power to be utilized on vault or […]

Definition: Block

Block: The term block in gymnastics is usually used to describe a rapid bounce, repulsion or rebounding off the floor or vault with the arms. The block comes from the shoulders exploding towards full extension and usually is used in reference to handspring tumbling on floor and all vaults off the vault horse.

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