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USAG Compulsories as a Training System

What’s all this obsession with perfection of the USA Gymnastics compulsory routines? Level 4, Level 5, whatever. Where did all these professional compulsory gymnasts come from? Who is sentencing America’s gymnasts to a lifetime of compulsories? Basics are Fine We’re not arguing with perfection. Only with the concentration of perfection on such a limited number […]

Gymnastics Coaching System

The most important coaching concept is that gymnastics training must be done systematically. The long-term success of the Russians, Romanians and other Eastern Europeans has come from their systematic approach to coaching. Much of the recent success in the United States is the result of imported Russian coaches who have brought their systems with them […]

Division of Gymnastics Team for Practice

The traditional way to divide up gymnastics teams into groups for practice is by level and there is certainly merit in this method when it comes to compulsory coaching. It is probably easier to have all the same compulsory level together when it comes to teaching the compulsory routines. Compared With Their Own Age This […]

Beam Equipment Progressions

For all the skills listed in the Secrets to Staying on Beam e-Book or any other beam training progression system, there are the additional equipment progressions relating to beam height and padding. All skills should be mastered on a line on the floor and progress eventually to the high beam. Depending on the equipment available […]

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