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Missing Man

As everyone and every team does, we have had our share of tragedy and grief. Our most poignant period was when the little brother of one of our team gymnasts got leukemia. Over a period of almost a year, this had a daily effect on our life and the lives of everyone on our team. […]

Christmas Dream – Our Favorite Email

Subject : Deep appreciation from (Customer’s Name Omitted) Dear Gymnastics Zone, I’m the parent who was having difficulties with my PayPal account, so you can imagine my incredible surprise when the two e-Books I was trying to order for my daughter for Christmas were delivered ON CHRISTMAS EVE, even though you had not received payment […]

A Handshake and a Smile

The gymnastics business in America can tend to be an inhospitable, cutthroat, steal their gymnasts before they steal yours, don’t tell anyone your secrets because they might use them against you terrain. Assistant coaches or coaches may leave the gym where they have been working for years taking with them the best gymnasts. Coaches have […]

Another Day, Another Meet?

We were at a huge Optional Invitational meet and in the same rotation with one other team. We were starting the meet out on beam. Our three Level 8 girls were last in the rotation and were already warmed up. Five girls from the other team had already gone and scores were running about average. […]