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Definition: Punch

Punch: A gymnastics term that refers to bouncing off of the floor, vault board or beam as opposed to jumping. “Punching” refers to an almost perfectly straight leg quick plyometric movement. Punching movements allow gymnasts to more fully utilize the inherent spring in the gymnastics equipment. Jumping involves bending the legs and pushing.

Definition: Planche

Planche: A gymnastics strength skill performed on the still rings, beam and floor in which the body is held supported by the hands and arms only in a straight position as close to parallel to the floor as possible (perfectly horizontal is ideal). This video will let you know what the skill is and shows […]

Definition: Walkover

Walkover: A gymnastics floor and beam move where a gymnast moves from a standing position through a handstand position to a standing position while “walking” through the air with the feet. Starting from standing on one foot, go through inverted split and one footed bridge positions to return to stand. Can be done forward and […]

Definition: Leg Circle

Leg Circle: A basic and standard pommel-horse move where a gymnast keeps the legs together and swings them in a full circle around the horse, with each hand alternately lifted in turn from the pommel to let the legs pass. It is also performed on some of the other gymnastics apparatuses including floor, parallel bars […]

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