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Open Gym Safety

Open gyms are a popular gymnastics gym activity, but there are extremely serious gym safety considerations and “lifeguard” training that must take place. Continue reading

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In kids’ gymnastics, there must be zero tolerance for conditions that could potentially cause gymnastics injuries & the goal of zero injuries is achievable. Continue reading

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There are some backward roll safety concerns regarding neck injuries, especially when young beginner gymnasts are first learning them. Continue reading

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The move to the open scoring system has generated a number of serious complaints, one of which is that gymnasts are suffering more injuries. Continue reading

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There are numerous reasons for gymnasts’ injuries in the gym, but here are some that some coaches may be ignoring (to their gymnast’s risk). Continue reading

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There is new research on the long-term effects of concussions, especially on young athletes. Here is a diagnostic tool for evaluating gymnast’s concussions. Continue reading

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