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Gymnastics in the Roman Empire

The Romans included physical activities based on those of the Greeks, in their culture. The ancient Romans used gymnastics as part of their military training to improve the strength, balance and flexibility of soldiers. Gymnastics Training for the Roman Legions The Greek city-state Sparta required that both sexes be physically fit. Women needed strong bodies […]

History of Gymnastics Video

A short view montage of gymnastics in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s and 2000… We have been collecting gymnastics history facts for years believing that any well-rounded gymnastics coach or gymnast should have some idea how the sport has evolved to its current state. Gymnastics history has existed and been recorded in the earliest archaeological […]

Definition: Turners

Turners: For more than 150 years, they have formed Turnvereinen, or “gymnastic unions”, which are not only athletic, but also political, “nationalistic gymnastic” organizations in Europe. The German movement was started by Turnvater Jahn and was instrumental in German unification after 1848. The American Turners were instrumental in the popularization of gymnastics in America.

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