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Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medalist Nikolai Andrianov Dies

Nikolai Andrianov (full name Nikolai Yefimovich Andrianov) was born October 14, 1952 and died on March 21, 2011. He was born and also died in the city of Vladimir in the Russian Federation.  He was a famous Soviet male gymnast who, between 1971 and 1980, won many international gymnastics competitions, including the Olympic Games, the Gymnastics […]

Ancient Gymnastics Outside Greece And Rome

The Egyptian Gymnastics Pyramids Circus style acrobatics were performed in ancient Egypt. As early as 2100 BC. stone cuttings depict people building human pyramids and balancing stunts in Egypt . The Dark Ages for Gymnastics With the fall of Rome and the spread of Christianity through Europe, the knowledge that exercise leads to physical fitness […]