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Definition: Hollow

Hollow: A term referring to a gymnastics body position, where hips are turned under, the butt is tucked in and the chest is rounded forward. This is a very important body position in the sport of gymnastics and must be memorized and strengthened. It is often subtly used in connection with a slight arch position […]

Definition: Head In

Head In: This is a body position in gymnastics, usually in a handstand, during tumbling or during a giant, where the gymnast’s head is down, with their chin tucked in on their chest or close to it. This is the correct head position on handstands and many tumbling, bars and beam skills. It is a […]

Definition: Bridge

Bridge: Another term for a backbend in which the body forms an arch, supported by the hands and feet. Ideally, the arms and legs should be straight and close together. It is often done starting by lying on the floor, bending the knees up with the feet on the floor and then pushing up with […]

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