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Keep Gymnastics Instruction Fun!

Gymnastics is a naturally fun sport. Running, jumping, climbing, swinging, bouncing and tumbling are activities that you would likely be doing on your own without being in a gym or gymnastics class. You do those things because they are fun to do. Lots of Big Toys A gymnastics school can provide lots of new toys […]

Come Running Customer Service

There are a number of descriptions for the type of service that a great business should provide. We have talked in terms of POS (Positively Outrageous Service) before, but now we want to describe another type of service that is applicable to the gym business. Impress Immediately with Your Service We first encountered Come Running […]

If A Gym Were A Real Business

If a gym were a real business, a professionally managed business, it would have its management functions split up among various executives. There are a variety of ways and business structures to manage a business and most gyms use none of them. Managing a Gym is at Least Three Full-Time Jobs Many gyms are one […]

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