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Gym Ceiling Height

Subject: Gym Ceiling Height Hi, I have a quick question for you concerning the ceiling height for a gymnastics facility. The architects think 25 feet is plenty. I just wanted to get your advice. Thanks A 25′ high ceiling is certainly fine for an artistic gymnastics training facility. Rhythmic and Tumbling and Trampoline gymnastics facilities […]

First aid cabinet

First Aid Room

Room vs. Area There are two reasons that a first aid room may be preferable over simply a designated first aid area of the gym – privacy and isolation. There are certain injuries, including some injuries that may not be serious, for which privacy for the gymnast may be desirable. Bathrooms may provide privacy, but […]

Gym Decoration

There are a number of scientific studies that show that children learn better in an environment that is bright and colorful. There is no reason to assume that the same is not true about learning gymnastics than learning an academic subject in this regard. Warehouses are Difficult to Decorate In spite of this, it is […]