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Definition: Shushunova

Shushunova: Elena Shushunova is a former Soviet, Russian gymnast who was a European, World and Olympic Champion. Shushunova was the first to perform several unique and difficult skills, named after her including her signature Shushunova (a straddle jump to land in a front lying support) on floor exercise, a release on the unevens (back giant […]

Definition: Limber

Limber: A frontward or backward gymnastics flexibility skill that is similar to a walkover except the legs remain together at all times. The skill begins on the feet, passes through a handstand and finishes on the feet again in a stand. A front limber requires more shoulder and lower back flexibility than a walkover.

Definition: Johnson

Johnson: A gymnastics floor skill named after U.S. gymnast Brandy Johnson. It consists of a switch-split leap forward with leg change and ¼ turn to side split leap or straddle pike position. The skill has been rated by the FIG as an A level skill and the FIG number is 1.205. This is a good […]