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1978 Soviet Gymnastics Documentary

1978 Soviet Gymnastics Documentary starring Elena Mukhina, Natalia Shaposhnikova and Maria Filatova Continue reading

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Viktoria Komova complete biographical information, photographs, awards, videos, routine videos and links to her social media and blog articles. Continue reading

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Mustafina – The Mustafina vault, first performed by Russian gymnast, Aliya Mustafina, is a round-off, half-on front handspring entry vault with a front layout with a full twist off. That adds up to a 1&1/2 twisting double layout vault. The … Continue reading

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The video history and biography of Aliya Mustafina, including some early videos as well as recent video. Continue reading


Two time Russian Olympic champion, Maria Filatova, is battling bureaucracy to regain her official passport status and be able to travel and return home. Continue reading


A rich web site resource (still work in progress) on the members of the Russian national team. Continue reading

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