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Approach Your Gymnastics Coach

For a number of reasons, many parents have difficulty approaching their child’s gymnastics coach. One of the main reasons is that it is an extremely rare parent who understands enough about the sport to have any opinion at all. Gymnastics is a complicated sport with obscure and ever changing rules that even coaches have trouble […]

A New Gymnastics Meet Etiquette

I never thought that I would write an article on etiquette of any kind. My previous writings on meet topics included tips and the closest I ever got to talking about etiquette was about parents not communicating with their gymnasts and staying on the competition floor (more of a rule than etiquette). RESPECT Besides gymnastics […]

Meet Etiquette for Gymnasts

Arrive at the meet site early – about 10-15 minutes before open stretch is scheduled to begin. Smile and say hello to everyone you meet, when you arrive at the meet. Greet the host coach – shake hands. Be the friendliest team at the meet. Clap for all good performances. Stay off of equipment except […]