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Compulsory Gymnastics Training

Compulsory gymnastics competition, sometimes called outside of the United States – mandatory competition, is a set of defined event routines that all gymnasts at that particular level are required to perform. The routines are the same for everyone at that level on every event. Worse, the music for the floor routine is also the same. […]

USAG Compulsories as a Training System

What’s all this obsession with perfection of the USA Gymnastics compulsory routines? Level 4, Level 5, whatever. Where did all these professional compulsory gymnasts come from? Who is sentencing America’s gymnasts to a lifetime of compulsories? Basics are Fine We’re not arguing with perfection. Only with the concentration of perfection on such a limited number […]

Definition: Compulsories

Compulsories: A routine in which the elements are pre-determined by an organization such as USA Gymnastics (or other national federation) or by the FIG. Routines that are specified and designated by the gymnastics federation for certain levels of gymnasts and which all gymnasts at that level must perform. Compulsory routines are no longer a part […]

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