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Subject: Cartwheels Dear Coach, Hi, I have been trying to do a cartwheel for more than three months now and I haven’t succeeded in doing so yet. I practice basically everyday and I still can’t do one. I keep in a straight line but then I can’t swing my legs over. I started taking gymnastics […]

Definition: Phillips

Phillips: A balance bean skill done by American gymnast Kristie Phillips. It was first performed in 1987 World Championships A handstand straddle split, with a 90 degree backbend, originally performed on the balance beam and press to side handstand, front walkover to side stand on both legs. The Phillips has been rated as a D […]

Definition: Okino

Okino: An uneven bar dismount named after Betty Okino, who first performed the skill in international competition. It consists of a free hip underswing with ½ twist to layout back salto. The skill has been rated by the FIG as a D level skill and the FIG number is 8.402. Okino: A balance beam skill […]