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Definition: Balance Beam

Balance Beam: 1) A piece of women’s gymnastics apparatus 120 centimeters (4 feet) high, 10 centimeters (4 inches) wide, and 500 centimeters (16 feet) long. 2) A women’s gymnastics event performed on the balance beam apparatus. The balance beam routine should last between 70 to 90 seconds and includes a variety of acrobatic, gymnastic, and […]

Beam Equipment Progressions

For all the skills listed in the Secrets to Staying on Beam e-Book or any other beam training progression system, there are the additional equipment progressions relating to beam height and padding. All skills should be mastered on a line on the floor and progress eventually to the high beam. Depending on the equipment available […]

Basic Training on Beam

Since balance beam is probably the easiest event to fall off of, it makes sense that extra and special training be devoted to minimizing the potential for falling and to teach gymnasts how to perform no-fall beam routines. Learn the Basics of Balance It is no mistake that this event is called balance beam. Gymnasts […]

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