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Video photo animations of Comanechi salto Bar Release and double front, 1/2 out bar dismount. Continue reading

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Photo animation of a gymnast doing a triple turn on beam. Continue reading

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Kip, Front Hip Circle, Cast Compulsory Cast 3/4 Giant, Underswing Level 4 Stride Circle Compulsory Tuck Flyaway Error: Gymnast begins tuck too soon and does not bring knees to chest immediately in tuck action. Compulsory Tap Swings

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Cartwheel Errors: Gymnast should lunge into and out of the cartwheel. 1st foot should land closer to where hands were placed. Cartwheel should finish with weight balanced on both feet evenly in lunge position.

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Front Tuck Errors: Should use more of an overarm rather than underarm take-off. Must stick landing. Round-Off Two Back Handsprings Back Extension Roll Errors: The compulsory back extension does not pike down to knees. Flip-Flop Tuck Errors: The gymnast makes … Continue reading

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