Summer Gymnastics Goals

Gymnastics goals for the competition year are relatively simple to figure out but summer goals setting is considerably more complicated. What a gymnast’s specific goals are definitely depends on what level of gymnast they are as well.

Written Goals

Everyone says that written goals are the best. But a picture is worth a thousand words. I suggest building a PowerPoint presentation with your list of goals, and for as many of them as possible, add a picture to the presentation. View your goals every day. You can play through them at different speeds. If you are short on time, just flick through them. If you have more time, reviews and revise them.

Pot of “Goal”

Goals are an important part of achieving the future you want for yourself. Setting goals is not a unimportant process. It is firmly based in sound psychological research as a key to really achieving the life, and in this case, the gymnastics career, that you want for yourself. If you ignore doing this, you are seriously potentially sabotaging your potential future success at gymnastics.

General Goal Setting Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to setting effective goals for your gymnastics:
Frame your gymnastics goals positively:

  • Negative Goal Example: Don’t fall off beam on full turns.
  • Positive Goal Example: Stick 6 full turns.

Set Performance Goals, not Outcome Goals

It is very to set goals over which you have control.

  • Outcome Goal: – Win the meet this weekend
  • Performance Goal: – Hit four for four routines at the meet this weekend.

With the first outcome goal, you have a good chance of failing to achieve your goal for reasons beyond your control such as a (future) Olympic gymnast in your level and age group. You have no control over which other gymnasts will be in the meet or how good they are. So outcome goals are extremely vulnerable to being unfulfilled because of any number of circumstances beyond your control. If you base your goals on personal performance targets or skills to be acquired, then you can keep control over the achievement of your goals.


SMART goals stand for:
S – Specific, Stretching, Significant Goals
M – Measurable, Meaningful, Motivational Goals
A – Attainable, Achievable, Accountable, Agreed-upon Goals
R – Realistic, Relevant, Rewarding, Responsible Goals
T – Time-based, Timed, Timely, Trackable, Tangible Goals

Goal Categories

Gymnastics Goal Category Examples:

  • Skill Level Goals – Sample: Move up at least one level in skills
  • Skill Progression Goals for Your Future – Sample: Round-off onto Springboard
  • Flexibility Goals – Sample: All three splits down flat or oversplit
  • Strength Goals – Sample: 1 minute handstand hold
  • Event Skill Goals – Sample: Add double back bar dismount to routine
  • Artistic Goals – Sample: Add personal signature skill to floor routine
  • Psychological Goals – Sample: Create PowerPoint Presentation of my Goals
  • Attendance Goals – Sample: Attend practice every day, all summer (except for vacation and camp weeks)
  • Gymnastics Experience Goals – Sample: Summer Camp Attendance

Set and Achieve Goals Outside of Gymnastics

Social Goals
Relationship Goals
Financial Goals
Educational Goals

16 Action Steps Toward Goal Achievement

  1. Pick your goal categories
  2. Write down your headline goals
  3. Set and write down your SMART goals
  4. Assign a date to each goal
  5. Commit to your goals
  6. Commit to daily improvement
  7. Share your goals with others
  8. Build a support group
  9. Control your attitude and self-talk
  10. Visualize your goals daily
  11. Mark off each goal as you achieve it
  12. Reward yourself for every achievement
  13. Review your goals daily
  14. Set new goals as you reach your current goals
  16. DO IT NOW!

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