Stories of the Olympic Games – Gymnastics

Faster Higher Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games – Gymnastics

Watch this one hour BBC video documentary – “Faster Higher Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games – Gymnastics.” Faster, Higher, Stronger tells the dramatic stories in gymnastics as well as the stories of gymnastics grace, elegance, power, innovation, inventiveness and medal achievements.

This BBC series, “Faster Higher Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games” retells the history of the Olympic Games. This second in the series of BBC “Faster Higher Stronger” documentaries is the story of gymnastics in the Olympic Games.

Higher and Stronger – The Olympic Gymnastics Documentary

This second documentary, “Faster Higher Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games – Gymnastics” and describes the pursuit of perfection by gymnasts and coaches rapidly pushing the sport of gymnastics to higher levels of skill difficulty and artistic execution.

Stronger Will

This documentary includes Vera Caslavska and her protest of the Soviet invasion of her country Czechoslovakia at the 1968 Mexico Games. It retells the incredible story of Japanese gymnast, Shun Fujimoto and how he competed with a broken knee to ensure his Japanese men’s gymnastics team team won the Team Gold Medal.

Olga Korbut and the Munich Olympics

It tells the well-known story of Soviet gymnast, Olga Korbut, who transformed gymnastics with her new gymnastics skills that were so revolutionary and risky, that they one was banned from the sport. The Munich Olympic Games in 1972 was both horrifying and memorable for the sport of gymnastics.

Nadia and The Perfect 10.0

The documentary tells the story of Nadia Comaneci who scored the first perfect 10.0 in the 1976 Montreal Olympics at Montreal, and who set off a worldwide explosion of the participation of young girls in gymnastics, both in the US and around the world. Every private club gym owner in the United states, if not the world, can thank Nadia and the other gymnasts in this video for giving them the opportunity to be in this business.


Gymnasts and coaches might also want to watch the first in the series of the “Faster Higher Stronger: Stories of the Olympic Games” about the 100 meter sprint and the world’s fastest humans to gain insight into how to run for vault and into tumbling.

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