Skills Needed to Make High School Gymnastics Team?

From: Eliza
Subject: Skills Needed to Make High School Gymnastics team?

Sex: female
Age: 14
Gymnastics Level: Gymnastics for 4 years stopped for two and now back in for 2 months.

I want to join my high school gymnastics team but I’m not sure what skills I need to make the team. I was in gymnastics for 4 years previously and then stopped for two. I have just started back up and am working on my back handspring, back walkovers on beam, front punches and kips on bar as well as just getting over on vault. Can you help me find out what skills I need as a freshman in high school to make the team in 2 months?

Here is a great site to get more information on high school rules:

Here is the main web site for High School Gymnastics.

Here is the list of High school associations and web sites where you should be able to find your states particular rules.

Every State is Different

Each state has its own Code of Points for gymnastics. They should be found in the state high school gymnastics web site above for your state.

Two Different Main Judging Systems

Basically, in high school, they use either the very old mediums and superior skills system or Level 9 rules, depending on your state.

Check for Latest Rule Changes
Please check with your high school coach or the web sites I have listed for the latest rule changes for this year.

Medium, Superior and High Superior Most Common

I will assume you are using the National Federation High School sports rules with Medium, Superior and High Superior, since that is the most common.

Use Combinations for Best Scores

Combinations (how you put skills together), not just skill difficulty, is important. The level of high school gymnastics is low enough, that in many states, girls with little to no gymnastics experience can go out for the the team.

Basic Skill Difficulty Requirements

You will need 4 medium difficulty skills, 3 superior difficulty skills, and 1 high superior difficulty skill.
You need 2 sets of back-to-back superior combinations on each event.

Start Value
To have a 10.0 start value for your routine, you must have bonus skills or combinations, which which means you will need extra and different superior skills or skill combinations. Otherwise, your start value is 9.8. You get one tenth of bonus for each bonus skill or combination.

Floor Exercise Strategies

  • FF FF Back – The easiest way to get back-to-back superiors on floor is to do 2 back handsprings before a somersault. The 2 back handsprings equals one of Superior value skill.
  • Leap and Jump Combinations – Always do triple combinations of leaps and jumps for maximum scoring. You can do them in any order or even mix tumbling and jump difficulty skills for bonus.
  • Do High Superiors or Bonus High Superior Skills separately for best execution and still receive the bonus point.

Bonus High Superior Skill Examples

On Floor, examples of the Bonus High Superior skills include:

  • 1&1/2 Back Twisting Layout
  • Double Full
  • Front Full
  • Triple Turn
  • Tour Jete 1/2

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