Secrets to Staying on Beam

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Secrets To Staying on Beam is an over 125 page e-book written by a professional level gymnastics coach with tips and training systems to improve gymnast's balance, coordination and consistency on beam.

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An e-Book specially designed for gymnasts, coaches and parents with hints and tips to teach you three training systems in one to stay on the beam.

After many years of preparation and combining the experiences of expert professional National and International gymnastics coaches, here is a complete balance beam basic training program designed to develop balance, eliminate falls, and improve skill consistency. This program is a combination and expansion of three International basic beam training systems.

Two Versions Included – One a Simplified Edition for Younger Gymnasts

In this new 2.2 version, there are two versions of the e-Book included each with 60 – 75 pages of specific beam training information designed to prepare you for competing your routines in Invitational, State, Regional and National gymnastics competitions. One version of the e-Book is designed for parents, coaches and older gymnasts. The other version is a simplified edition for younger gymnasts or those who want to get started on the program quickly. The interactive program comes in Adobe PDF format.

Interactive Beam Training e-Book for All Levels

This interactive e-Book is designed for all levels of gymnastics, including gymnasts who have not yet made the gymnastics team, but would like to. Both compulsory and optional competitive level gymnasts from Level 4 to Elite will benefit from this program.

Selling All Around the World

This e-Books is selling in countries from all around the world, including in Europe, Australia and Canada. And, of course, all over the United States. You will want to get this information for yourself, since your competition may already have it.

Learn Faster and Have More Confidence on Beam

Mastering this program can allow you to acquire more complex skills with less effort, more confidence and in less time. You can master the skills and drills in this program and benefit long term or you can skip the basic building blocks provided here and face a future where at some point your bad habits will stop you short on your way to long term success.

See Improvement in Only a Few Weeks

If you work these drills six days per week for a minimum of 30 – 45 minutes, you will probably see improvement in as little as two to four weeks.

Proper Progressions from Basics to Advanced

The program is presented in the proper progression from basic to advanced and is suitable for all levels of gymnastics. Lower level gymnasts perform the drills on flat foot on lines on the floor or low beams. Advanced gymnasts perform the skills on high toe on high beam.

Beam Basic Training Program and Advanced Beam Training Program

This program not only is a supplement for an advanced team training beam program but can and should serve as the major part of the basic development of younger and lower level beam basic training.

Nadia Comaneci Used the Program to Score a 10.0 in the Olympics

One part of this program is an expanded version of the well-known Romanian Beam Complex, utilized by Romanian gymnasts but also includes the little-known Soviet Beam Complex. Nadia Comaneci trained, using the Romanian Beam Complex, to score a perfect 10.0 on balance beam in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Build Balance and Strengthen for Skills on Hands

The Romanian Beam Complex builds necessary habits of balancing on the feet on beam with proper foot and body position. The Soviet Beam Complex emphasizes becoming comfortable on your hands and in the handstand position on beam and on increasing and using strength on beam. Added to that is a series of progressive skill landing habits, which when executed, give you a margin of error to avoid falls. This additional margin of error gives a number of sequential learned actions that can be taken to stabilize landings and eliminate falls.

Program Expanded from Original

Both the Soviet and Romanian Beam Complex systems have been significantly expanded to deal with changes in the rules and changes in the sport over the years since those systems were first introduced.

Learn More… Even if You are Already Using the Romanian Beam Complex

Even gymnasts who are currently using the Romanian Beam Complex in the gym will find this system a benefit. It provides a complete explanation of the hows and whys of the Romanian Beam Complex system which many coaches can’t find the time to cover in regular practice sessions. In addition, there are two other systems incorporated into the program and the Romanian Beam complex system is expanded well beyond the original.

Get an Education about Beam

Our materials not only detail the system but provide gymnasts with an education as to all aspects of the beam systems and their place in gymnastics training.

Combination of Three Programs into One System

The goal of the combination of these three programs and this beam training system is to completely eliminate falls from your beam repertoire. The triple program encompasses strength, balance and consistency.

Develop a Feeling for the Beam

There is an essential need to establish and perfect a gymnast’s feel for balance on the beam. The earlier in a gymnast’s career that this balance system is implemented and turned into a habit, the more effectively the system will work and the fewer falls the gymnast will suffer.

A System for Eliminating Falls

In addition to the two beam Complexes, these training systems detail a training system for beam for minimizing or eliminating falls on beam by teaching techniques for reducing the margin of error in beam skill landings. Different types of possible skill landings are covered and several steps to be taken to eliminate the chance of a fall are trained to the habituation point.

Practice at Home

Most training aspects of the sport of gymnastics are completely unsuitable for practice at home. These beam training systems can be utilized by gymnasts of any level on a homemade balance beam or even on a line on the floor.

Improve the Most Critical Event

Beam is the most critical competition event because of the relative ease of falling off and receiving .5 point deductions which usually eliminate gymnasts from medaling in both Beam and the All-around. Beam winners are often also the All-Around winners.

Completely New Information

This program will give you advanced methods of training beam that even your coach has not yet thought of. The program has been designed from the input of National and International coaches from the United States, Romania, Russia and China.

Training and Learning Aids

There are pictures, illustrations, graphs and charts, including charts to track your progress. There are also wall charts, listing the drills, to put up on your wall while you are working out.

Simplified e-Book for Younger Gymnasts

The e-Book is detailed, challenging and academic enough for any coach or advanced gymnast, but there is a simplified version included for younger and lower level gymnasts.

An Extra Edge to Coaching

While there is nothing better than a great coach working one-on-one with you for improving your vault performance, you can give yourself an extra edge with this program over even gymnasts with the same quality coach as you. You get both the advantage of live coaching and extra beam training.

Take the Time to Do it Right

Many teams and coaches do not have or take the time to work this kind of basic training on beam, but this is something you can work on at home, at open gym, or before or after practice yourself.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

This is a long-term training program that is designed to be thoroughly implemented by numerous repetitions over a long period of time. It is critical that the repetitions be done correctly so that the habits that are built are correct and can be done automatically without thought. These balance habits need to be strongly ingrained so that they occur automatically in critical beam skill and beam landing situations.

Training Aids

There are pictures, illustrations, graphs and charts including charts to track your progress.

Reuse The Program Again Next Year

Since the program is useful for all levels, you will be able to successfully reuse this program over and over again each year at your next level of competition. This makes this program not only an essential buy for right now but a great value over the years.

Retail Secrets to Staying on Beam Training Program Cost $57

This e-Book program normally would retail by itself for $57.00 and is worth every penny of that. That’s what you might pay for a one hour private lesson with your coach. With this you have hours of reading and information that you can keep, re-read and use over and over.

Get The Secrets to Staying on Beam Training Program And 5 Great Bonuses!

In addition to the Secrets to Staying on Beam e-Book, you will receive the following bonuses:

  1. Beam Training Program Chart
  2. Beam Mileage Tracking Spreadsheet
  3. No Fall Tracking Spreadsheet
  4. Personal Records Worksheet
  5. Personal Beam Records Spreadsheet

Learn all about these valuable bonuses by clicking on the Bonuses tab above.

Information is Power

While there is nothing better than a great coach working one-on-one with you for improving your routine performance, you can give yourself an extra edge with this program over even gymnasts with the same quality coach as you. You get both the advantage of live coaching and extra training.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have absolutely nothing to lose by buying. Our products are backed by a 60-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee. The amount you pay for the program will be refunded to you if you are not 100% satisfied with the program. Let’s face it – we’re not worried about returns. We know the quality of our information and everyone not only wants to keep this e-Book, but most come back and more of them year after year. We’ve been offering this same guarantee for years, and only a handful of customers have taken us up on it and most of those just didn’t read our ad (they thought it was a video) If you have the desire and motivation to succeed – and you’re willing to prove it by investing in your success through this e-Book package, we are willing to take all the risk with our 100% money-back guarantee which lets you try this program essentially risk-free.

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