Secrets to Level 10.0 World Class Tumbling

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Secrets To 10.0 World Class Tumbling is almost 275 pages of advice from professional master gymnastics coaches about how to prepare, train and compete in tumbling.

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Information, Hints and Tips About Training to a World Class Tumbling Level


Detailed and Informative Collection of Information Completely Unique Information from our Other e-Book Series


An e-Book specially designed for gymnasts, coaches and parents with hints and tips to teach beginning through highly advanced tumbling skills.

You can buy this interactive e-Book with a specially designed tumbling training program for gymnasts, coaches and parents. This e-Book is based on the tumbling training systems responsible for two World Tumbling Champions and a number of National Champions in the former Soviet Union, Russia and the United States.

Over 200 Pages of Information

There are over 200 pages of pictures, information, worksheets, charts and spreadsheets packed with specific training and competition information designed to prepare you for all levels of tumbling progress. The interactive program comes in Adobe PDF format for Windows PC computers.

Information Program Covering All Aspects of Tumbling

This information program covers all areas and levels of tumbling excellence. The e-Book offers important information about tumbling written from the experienced perspective of professional National and International gymnastics coaches.

Tumbling Basics to Advanced Skills to Challenge Elites

This program provides information and skills for all levels including advanced skills that will be a challenge for International Elites to master. Everything from round-off and back handspring hints to the fine points of learning full-in, full-outs and more. This is also appropriate for USTTA and USSAF Power Tumbling competitors of all levels.

There are 3 Tumbling Programs from Basic to Advanced

This program not only a blueprint for training for basic tumbling, but is a training plan for advanced International competitive tumbling as well.

Complete Analysis and Training Information about Tumbling

This program contains 12 major sections and over 125 chapter topics which offer a complete detailed analysis of tumbling in competition including, common errors, learning progressions and drills to improve every aspect of tumbling training.

Over 500 Tumbling Progressions Listed

Read the most complete and detailed professional analysis of tumbling skill progressions that you have ever seen. We have listed over 500 tumbling skills and progressions in the correct learning order.

Proven Successful Program

This analysis is offered by coaches who train high level optional tumblers and is designed to make you not only successful this year, but to guide you every year for the rest of your career to the next higher tumbling level and to the higher optional gymnastics levels.

Just Like Having Your Own Personal Coach One-On-One

Get a training perspective and knowledge just like you were sitting down with your own personal coach, who has taken the time to explain to you everything you need to know, and everything they know about training and competing tumbling. No coach we know has the time or has taken the time to sit down and fully explain completely what their training program consists of, why it is designed that way, and what gymnasts could do to greatly improve their practices and skill level. Our coaches have compiled all that information for your use and you can sit down and read it at your leisure.

Nothing Beats Your Own Coach Working One-On-One with You, But…

It is the rare coach who has the perspective and experience reflected in this e-Book. In fact, if this e-Book is anything like the others we have sold, many will be bought by coaches who want to learn more. You can learn right along with them and know what they know.

Learn Faster and Have More Confidence

Understanding the information and following the advice in this program can allow you to progress in tumbling with more confidence, less effort and in less time. You can master the skills and drills in this program and benefit long term or you can skip the progressions and suggestions provided here and face a future where at some point your bad habits will stop you short on your way to long term success.

See Improvement Throughout the Years

There are information and training ideas and concepts that will take you through many years of tumbling successes.

Covers Every Tumbling Related Topic

This program covers strength, flexibility, tumbling, dance, goal setting, motivation, meet psychology, dealing with your coach, workout habits, nutrition, training programs, rules and regulations, hints and tips and much more.

Proper Progressions from Basics to Advanced

The program shows you the proper learning progressions for all tumbling skills and the skills you should be training for the next level. It teaches you how to train at three different levels every day for tumbling and how to predict how long it will take you to learn different tumbling skills.

Learn More Even if You are Already Competing

Even gymnasts and coaches who are currently coaching and competing will find this program a wealth of information. There is information here you have never heard before and won’t find anywhere else.

Get a Complete Education about Tumbling

Our materials provide gymnasts, parents and coaches with a complete education as to all aspects of tumbling and its place in an overall gymnastics career.

By Two World Championship and National Champion Coaches

This program and training system is a combination of programs and input from the coaches of two World Tumbling Champions and a number of Tumblng National Champions in the former Soviet Union, Russia and the United States.

A System of Training for All Tumbling Levels

Nothing is more successful for developing great tumblers than instituting a comprehensive system of tumbling training. Learn what you should be doing daily to systemize your tumbling training.

High Level Tumbling Training Adapted for All Levels

This program was developed from the top down. The information, concepts and training program are designed from the highest level tumbling skills and the training programs are carefully and specially adapted to each level.

Completely New Information

This program will give you advanced methods of training that even your coach may not yet have thought of. This gives you an advantage over every other tumbler in your gym and other gyms who doesn’t have access to this information.

Training and Learning Aids

There are pictures, illustrations, graphs and charts, including charts to track your progress. There are also work-out sheets, listing the drills, to track your work and progress while you are working out.

Retail Secrets to 10.0 World Class Tumbling Training Program Cost $57

This e-Book program normally would retail by itself for $57.00 and is worth every penny of that. That’s what you might pay for a one hour private lesson with your coach. With this you have hours of reading and information that you can keep, re-read and use over and over.

Get The Secrets to 10.0 World Class Tumbling Training Program And 16 Bonuses!

In addition to the Secrets to 10.0 World Class Tumbling e-Book, you will receive the following bonuses:

  1. Tumbling Element Count Chart
  2. Daily Tumbling Log
  3. Tumbling Records
  4. Back Tumbling Progressions
  5. Back Tumbling Progressions
  6. Back Twisting Progressions
  7. Back, Backs Progressions
  8. Front Tumbling Progressions
  9. Front Tumbling Progressions
  10. Front Twisting Progressions
  11. Front, Fronts Progressions
  12. Combination Tumbling Progressions
  13. Front to Back Progressions
  14. Back to Front Progressions
  15. Attendance and Workout Hours
  16. Daily Diary

Learn all about these valuable bonuses by clicking on the Bonuses tab above.

Information is Power

While there is nothing better than a great coach working one-on-one with you for improving your routine performance, you can give yourself an extra edge with this program over even tumblers with the same quality coach as you. You get both the advantage of live coaching and extra training.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have absolutely nothing to lose by buying. Our products are backed by a 60-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee. The amount you pay for the program will be refunded to you if you are not 100% satisfied with the program. Let’s face it – we’re not worried about returns. We know the quality of our information and everyone not only wants to keep this e-Book, but most come back and buy more of them year after year. We’ve been offering this same guarantee for years, and only a handful of customers have taken us up on it and most of those just didn’t read our ad (they thought it was a video) If you have the desire and motivation to succeed – and you’re willing to prove it by investing in your success through this e-Book package, we are willing to take all the risk with our 100% money-back guarantee which lets you try this program essentially risk-free.

Retail Price: $57
On Sale for only $47!
This e-Book is delivered Immediately. Start learning today…


All major credit cards are accepted

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