Non-Profit Gymnastics Fundraising e-Book

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The Non-Profit Gymnastics Fundraising e-book lists over 200 fundraising projects and descriptions successfully used by non-profit gymnastics organizations.

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Over 200 Proven Profit Making Program Ideas for Non-Profit Organizations and For Every Type of Non-Profit Group That Needs to Raise Money

This e-book uses Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and Adobe Reader .pdf File Formats

This special fundraising report lists over 200 proven fundraising ideas and programs for non-profit amateur sports organizations and any other non-profit organization.

You are purchasing a 135 plus page e-Book in Microsoft Word document format (and with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Adobe Reader .pdf files) listing and explaining of over 200 fundraising programs.

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Any Non-Profit Organization Can Benefit From This e-Book

We have successfully used these fundraisers not only with our gymnastics team non-profit program, but with soccer clubs, church, school groups, clubs, community service groups and non-profit associations. There are ideas here for every type of non-profit group that needs to raise money.

Find Out the TOP 10 Best Ideas to Generate Non-Profit Income

Find out what ten programs we have used year after year to completely fund our gymnastics team and program. We have used these successful profit making program ideas over a period of 25 years raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and fully funding and supporting our gymnastics team and program each year.

Discover How to Provide for ALL of Your Gymnasts’ and Coaches’ Competition Expenses

Using these fundraisers we raised enough money to be able to completely fund all of our gymnasts’ meet fees and competition expenses. While we did not pay for them all (you’ll find out why in the book), every year we raised more than enough money to pay for all of our meet expenses.

Discover the Tremendous Extras you Can Provide for Your Gymnasts

Too many programs struggle just to offset some of their cost leaving parent and coaches paying for their own competition expenses. With the right fundraising programs, you can provide your gymnasts and team with special gymnastics experiences that will last them a lifetime.

Provide the Best for your Gymnasts and Coaches

Find out how some gyms have raised enough money to travel internationally every year (with their whole team, not just the Elites). Find out how other teams have clinics every year in their gym with Olympic and World Champion gymnasts and coaches. Find out how one gym fundraised enough money to build a brand new gym and hire an international gymnastics super star to coach their gymnasts.

Fundraise Smart

Too often the annual parents’ meeting about fundraising starts out with plans to have yet another car wash. Find out how to effectively use the talents and personnel in your group to raise a lot of money in a short period of time. And if you must run a car wash, find out how you can really maximize your profits doing that.

Gain the Benefits of Years of Successful Fundraising Experiences

Don’t waste your time and your gymnast’s time by trying to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of our 25 years of successful fundraising experience and raise all the money you need for this year and every year in the future.

Learn the Inside Fundraising Tips and Secrets We Have Used

We explain in the book numerous inside fundraising tips, fundraising secrets and ways we have learned to maximize the fundraising power of each individual fundraiser and our non-profit organizations.

Learn How to Choose and Template your Fundraisers So You Can Raise More and More Money Each Year with Less and Less Work

Learn the secrets to choosing and running the right type of fundraisers that can be repeated year after year, make more money every year and spend less time doing them each year.

Your Investment Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will find at least one new fundraising program to implement that can and will return your investment in this product many times over. it will only take one such profitable fundraiser to make this a wise investment.

Learn How to Budget to Maximize Your Fundraising Potential

Learn how the budgeting process can help you meet and exceed your normal fundraising goals to the point that you can provide your gymnasts with more than you ever thought possible.

Expand Your Fundraising Potential

With this many profit-making ideas, you can implement a new profitable every day for almost a year. OK, so you won’t likely be able to put the ideas into action that quickly, but you will have all the program ideas you will ever need to make lots of money from your gym.

Start Making More Money Right Away

Buy this e-Book, use one of the ideas and you can start raising more money right away within a week. We not only list these fundraising programs, but we provide our insight on how you can best implement the best of these and the ones we have used over and over aging successfully. Some of the fundraisers include sample written materials that you can easily adapt for your use.

New Ideas for Every Non-Profit Organization

No matter how many fundraising programs you are currently running, you will find new ideas for programs that will make you even more money. Even if you are already running 10 fundraisers, there will still be over 190 more new fundraising ideas for you to choose from.

Ideal for Small Non-Profit Organizations

Small non-profit gyms or non-profit organizations, even in rural areas, will find this e-Book gives you plenty of useful options to successfully fundraise and generate income.

Large Non-Profit Organizations Will Want This e-Book, Also

Most of the fundraising ideas in this e-Book are ideally suited for large non-profit organizations as well. Large organizations will find it even easier to utilize these efficient fundraisers to raise large sums of money.

Applies Equally Well to Any Non-Profit or Amateur Sports Organization

This report applies equally well to dance schools, cheer gyms, martial arts schools – any amateur youth sports program. It will apply equally well to any other type of non-profit organization as well

You Must Have Microsoft Word and Excel to Read This Report

Our fundraising e-Book is currently available ONLY FOR USE WITH MICROSOFT WORD and EXCEL (any version Word/Excel 97 through 2006+). YOU MUST HAVE MICROSOFT WORD and EXCEL TO BE ABLE TO READ THIS REPORT. You will also need to have some version of Adobe Reader to read the .pdf files.

The Benefits of Over 25 Years of Fundraising Experience

We have spent over twenty five years collecting and building this list of fundraisers. We are certain that there is not a more complete fundraising list available anywhere. This is a good investment because you will earn your investment back within a week of implementing any one of these fundraising programs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have absolutely nothing to lose by buying. Our products are backed by a 60-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee. The amount you pay for the program will be refunded to you if you are not 100% satisfied with the program. Let’s face it – we’re not worried about returns. We know the quality of our information and everyone not only wants to keep this e-Book, but most come back and buy the next level year after year. We’ve been offering this same guarantee for years, and only a handful of customers have taken us up on it and most of those just didn’t read our ad (they thought it was a video) If you have the desire and motivation to succeed – and you’re willing to prove it by investing in your success through this e-Book package, we are willing to take all the risk with our 100% money-back guarantee which lets you try this program essentially risk-free.

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