Samantha Sendel Doing 40 Different Triples and a Quadriffus on Tramp

How Many Triple Somersaults Do You Know?

How Many Triple Somersaults Can Your Gymnasts Do?

Many gymnastics coaches have probably never even considered how many potential triple somersaults could be done. But in Trampoline competition, triples are common. What is not common is a girl who can do 40 totally different triple somersaults, front and back and with various amounts and timing of twists.

Quad Somersault

And for good measure Samantha Sendel does twisting quadruple somersaults, as well.

For those of you who are not used to high level trampoline and tumbling language, triple somersaults are described by what is done, usually the amount of twisting and the position, in each of the three somersaults.

Samantha Sendel Freestyling on Trampoline

Watch this fun and informal trampoline video with Sam Sendel during her 2011 summer as she does skill after skill on a tramp wall, on custom built trampolines, on regulation trampoline and even some tumbling on floor in the gym.

Samantha Sendel

Nickname: Sam
Hometown: Aurora, ON
Birth Place: Montreal, Quebec
Birthdate: 1991
Country: Canada
Sport: T&T (Tumbling and Trampoline)
Club: Skyriders Trampoline Place
Gym Location: Richmond Hill Ontario, Canada
Coach: Dave Ross
Favorite Events: Trampoline & Synchro Trampoline
Years on Senior National Team: 3 years
Current Level: Senior International Elite
2012 Elite Canada T&T Championships in Airdrie, Alberta – 5th Individual Trampoline
2011 Canadian Championships in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – 1st Synchronized Trampoline, 5th Individual Trampoline
2010 Pan American Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida – 1st Team Trampoline, 1st Synchronized Trampoline, 9th Individual Trampoline
2009 World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia – 3rd Team Individual Trampoline, 8th Synchronized Trampoline
2008 Nissan Cup – in Arosa, Switzerland – 1st Individual Trampoline, 1st Synchronized Trampoline
2008 Pan American Games Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1st Synchronized Trampoline, 3rd Individual Trampoline, 4th Team-Trampoline
2007 – Great Britain vs. Canada vs. Germany in Sheffield, Great Britain – 3rd Individual Trampoline

Samantha Sendel Competition Trampoline Womens Open Finals

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