Safe Gymnastics Play At Home

Gymnastics parents are well aware of how difficult it is to stop gymnasts from doing gymnastics at home, outside in the grass or just about anywhere. How concerned should gymnasts and parents be about their safety when doing gymnastics at home away from the gym.

The Gym is Padded, your Home is Not

Gymnastics in an inherently (naturally) fun activity and children enjoy it in both formal and informal settings. It provides a unique type of inner joy to run, jump, leap and tumble. The difference between the gym and at home is that the gym is a safely matted environment. With mats everywhere and soft foam gymnastics safety pits, the gym is a much safer place to play and practice gymnastics.

If You are Not Absolutely Sure, Don’t Do the Skill

To be safe at home, gymnasts need to lower the level of skill difficulty that they attempt and do at home. 99% of the time, gymnasts will not attempt to do skills that they are not capable of doing safely. But gymnast should think first carefully before attempting any skill they are not completely sure they can do safely.

Never Try To Learn A New Skill At Home

All new skills should be learned first at the gym with professional coaching and adequate matting. Never try to learn a new skill at home by yourself. You should especially not try any new skills without supervision in case of an accident.

Only Do Skills at Home That You Have Already Mastered

Never do skills at home without proper gym matting that you have not safely mastered already at the gym. You should not be doing skills at home without mats if you have not completely mastered them already at the gym. Mastering a skill means that you can do the skill every time you attempt it.

Watch Out For Hazards

Gyms have wide-open padded areas that have carefully been cleared of obstacles and obstructions. Your house is full of unsafe obstacles for gymnasts. Watch out for hazards including things like glass, mirrors, obstacles, heavy wooden or metal furniture.

Make Sure The Way Is Clear

Make sure you have plenty of room to do any gymnastics skills. Clear out an area if there is not sufficient space to safely do your gymnastics. Leave an extra margin of safety for anything unexpected that might happen. Stay clear of any obstructions, obstacles or hazards.

Don’t Spot and Don’t Get Spotted by Other Children.

Children should never spot other children while playing. Spotting is more difficult than it looks and serious injuries can occur if a spotting error is made. Spotting is for professional coaches who have the training and experience to avoid any type of accident.

Who Will Help if You Get Hurt?

Gymnasts should not do any level of difficult gymnastics without someone else around in case of injury. Any gymnastics skill that might even possible cause an injury should only be attempted if there is someone else around who could help if you get hurt.

Don’t Try This At Home

Often friends, younger bothers and sisters, even older sisters and brothers want to try the skills that you seem to do so easily. Don’t allow or encourage your friends to try skills that you have spent many more hours practicing and mastering. Other children, non-gymnasts and brothers and sisters do not have the skill and experience you do and may get injured seriously trying skills that only you should be doing. Don’t let friends try skills that only you can do safely.

Have Fun, but Stay Safe

We love gymnastics, too and love to see it all day long just like you like to do it all day long. But be careful and especially protect your head and neck from injury. Follow the rules, use common sense and listen to that little voice inside. If it tells you not to do a certain skill, pay attention and don’t even try it.


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