Random Acts of Marketing

Random Acts of Kindness Marketing

Random Acts of Kindness Marketing

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) —> (Random Acts of Kindness Marketing) —> RAM (Random Acts of Marketing)

I am a firm believer in performing Random Acts of Kindness. It is something I try to do every day of my life. My particular favorite is to anonymously pay for a stranger’s (especially for military and first responders) dinner when I am out at a restaurant. For me, the fun is in the anonymity and the fact that it is so unexpected. There is a very successful type of marketing, to your very own clients, that is just as fun and unexpected (if not anonymous), and highly effective.

Random Acts of Marketing

Random acts of marketing are where you reward your clients, or segments of your clients, with random unexpected rewards just for being members of your gym. This allows you to surprise your clients, radically exceed their expectations, show them your appreciation for them as your clients and build tremendous loyalty. Doing it so randomly that it is a complete surprise, is an important part of it being a random act of marketing. Doing what is expected brings no extra value. Random Acts of Marketing create incredible amounts of positive word of mouth marketing energy.

Here are some Random Acts of Marketing ideas, you might use:

Free Pool Party – Rent indoor or outdoor pool for your gym members to have pool party

Free BBQ with Open Gym ($150 – $200 of fried chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers for some of the best free word of mouth marketing)

Free Photo Shoot with 1 – 2 free photos – Locate good local gymnastics photographer (or negotiate even better deal with photographers who would like to become known as good local gymnastics photographer). Obtain model release so you can use photos to decorate gym and use in marketing. You get multiple benefits – inexpensive working relationship with gymnastics photographer, marketing and gym decoration photos and free photos for gymnasts (they can buy more online from photographer, so he can potentially profit – Win, Win , Win).

Much Different When It Is a RAM, Than Just on the Annual Calendar

All of these ideas, and more, may very well become annual events on your gym and team calendar. They will still have great value as part of your gym and team experience, but they will no longer be Random Acts of Marketing after the first time you do them. In order to keep up the tremendously positive effects and good will generated by Random Acts of Marketing, you will have to keep coming up with new and better ideas to spring on your clients.

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