Quit Fulling Around and Learn a Full Twist

Subject: FULLING

I have a pretty good layout, and I have been working on a full for about a year! I just can’t turn fast enough. I can do a half on the trampoline but when I do the half I open up, I’M GETTING SO FRUSTRATED! Can you help??

Let’s talk about some of the ways you can train a full and also cover some of the mistakes you might be making.

Tumbling Progressions For Layout, ½ And Fulls

When you completely master the previous progression, the next skill in the progression is much easier to do. We have a set of tumbling progressions we use that make sure the next step is achievable. Try doing our expanded progressions for twisting:

  • Layout
  • Layout, Standing Back Handspring
  • Layout, Punch Back Handspring
  • Layout, Punch Back Tuck
  • Layout ½
  • Layout ½, Standing Front Handspring
  • Layout, Punch Front Handspring
  • Layout, Punch Front Tuck
  • Layout Full

Training skills in a variety of ways and work the skill progressions using different equipment stations can often get you over learning plateaus and give you a wider overall base of skill experience.

  • Trampoline
  • Off Side of Pit Into Pit (Standing)
  • Off Tramp into Pit
  • Tumble Tramp into Pit
  • Snap-Down Mini-Tramp into Pit
  • Rod Floor into Pit
  • Competition Floor Tumbling into Pit
  • With Spot

Twisting Drills

Memory Movements – Lift, Wrap and Head

Many gymnasts can benefit from practicing the lift and arm wrapping technique while standing and waiting for their turn to tumble. This can build in the correct motor patterns into the brain without having to worry about rotating a somersault.

Jump Twisting

On floor and/or on trampoline, jump twisting with the right lift and arm wrap movements can make twisting more efficient.

Layout Jump Full Turns, Layout ½ Jump Turns

We frequently use this progression on floor and trampoline. Do a layout and then immediately punch and do a jump twist. This also helps build into the brain in the right motor movement.

Open, Open ½ and Open Fulls

When twisting progress stops, we sometime switch up and try twisting in a different position – the open tuck position. Whether this works out or not, often when the gymnast switches back to the layout position, twisting efficiency has radically improved.

Front Drop/Flatback ½ and Full Twists

If a gymnast has good front drops and flat back drops on trampoline, they can do work their twisting technique doing the following twisting drills:

  • Front drop ½ twist to flatback
  • Flatback ½ twist to front drop
  • Front drop ½ twist to flatback ½ twist to front drop
  • Front drop, full twist to front drop
  • Flatback full twist to flatback

¾ Back layouts to Front Drop, With ½ Twist, With Full Twist

This is our least favorite progression/drill since it involves a somewhat dangerous front drop landing out of the salto move which can potentially cause painful or serious back injuries. But if a gymnast has very good control over their somersault rotation, this progression can be used successfully sometimes. It is usually done on trampoline or off a tumble tramp from a stand onto an crash mat or Resi-pit.

Train in some new ways, expand your learning progressions, work some new drills and correct your twisting mistakes and you should find yourself making the progress you want. Good luck!

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